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A Crooked Old Car

A bent frame can be very hard to identify for an untrained eye, though over time a vehicle with a damaged frame will show certain signs of indicative wear and tear. But be aware that some of these things can also be caused from other issues, and at the end of the day, you should ... More

Buying a Car That’s Been in an Accident

Often times used cars come with more than just the normal wear and tear that owner’s place on them. How should you handle things if you’re looking at a vehicle that’s been in an accident? First, you should always do your ‘due diligence’ when purchasing any used vehicle. Always do a search on CARFAX or Autocheck ... More

The Importance of Choosing a Manufacturer Certified Shop with Certified Repair Technicians

When you have a wreck, there are tons of autobody shops you can go to, but very few manufacturer certified with a team of Certified Repair Technicians that we at Beaverton Auto Body & Paint have. Yeah, it sounds like a boast and a plug, but it’s something we’re extremely proud of. Not every shop goes through the ... More

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