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Dangers of Putting Your Feet on the Dashboard

Dangers of Putting Your Feet on the Dashboard

Have you ever been on a long road trip and your passenger kicks off their shoes and puts their feet up on the dashboard? Kids love to do this. If so, tell them to get their feet down.

If you were to get in a wreck that is severe enough (and it doesn’t take a whole lot) to deploy the passenger side airbag, your passenger will be injured more severely. Airbags deploy at around 200mph. If it happens their feet can end up in the roof, their chest, head or worse. Not just the feet and legs are at severe risk, but if the airbag does deploy, their hips, torso and lower spine can be horribly injured.

So be safe and tell your passengers to keep their feet off the dashboard. If you’re on a long road trip, make some stops to stretch the legs so you can get on your way comfortably.