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Driving on a Spare Tire

Driving on a Spare Tire

Have you been driving on a spare tire? It’s easy to tell as your spare will be significantly thinner than a regular tire. They also often have the word “Temporary Use Only” stamped on the face of the tire. Unless you have an SUV and the tire is mounted in a visible place, the spare will usually be store in a compartment under the floor of your trunk.

You should never drive too far on a spare or at a high rate of speed. Your car’s traction won’t be the same with this narrower tire, so it is a hazard. Also, you should never use tire chains or use your car’s spare on another car, and avoid driving on gravel roads if at all possible. You should make a note on a calendar to periodically check the tire pressure of your spare, so you don’t get stuck with one more flat tire than you’re already dealing with.