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9 Ways to Ruin Your Car’s Paint

9 Ways to Ruin Your Car’s Paint

Caring For Your Car Paint

We recently came across a great article that included tips on caring for your car’s paint job. From dealing with wildfires to coffee spills, kid’s finger art and bugs, the piece provided some great advice to help you keep the shine on that paint job. We’ve listed the problems and quick solutions below, but for all the details we encourage you to read the full article at the Be Car Care Aware web site.

  • Wildfires
    • The Problem: When wet, ash forms an alkali that can ruin your car”s finish.
      The Solution: Keep your car covered, use a car duster for white ash, wash thoroughly if it”s soot.
  • Tree sap
    • The Problem: Ancient peoples used tree sap as glue for a good reason.
      The Solution: Bug and tar remover, mineral spirits, clay bar treatment
  • The gas pump
    • The Problem: Spilled gasoline
      The Solution: Don”t top off, and clean up accidental drips
  • Fingertips and mischief
    • The Problem: Writing or rubbing on dirty paint causes permanent marks.
      The Solution: Keep your car clean.
  • Your morning coffee
    • The Problem: Coffee and sodas contain acids that can etch your clearcoat.
      The Solution: Wash it off immediately
  • Dirt on your car-wash tools
    • The Problem: Unseen dirt can scratch
      The Solution: Keep an extra mitt handy.
  • Automatic sprinklers
    • The Problem: Water leaves hard-to-remove spots on your paint.
      The Solution: Stay away from sprinklers whenever possible
  • Avian digestion
    • The Problem: Bird poop is acidic
      The Solution: Wash it off immediately
  • Bugs
    • The Problem: Bug guts are acidic.
      The Solution: Get to the car wash


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