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Blocked View When Turning

Blocked View When Turning

When preparing to turn right, we’ve all had a driver in the left lane pull forward and block our view. Or, maybe you’re getting ready to make that right turn, but you keep edging forward, only to block the view of the driver to your left. It happens all the time and it’s a hazard.

When you approach a situation like this, whether you’re in the right or left lane, do the other driver the courtesy of stopping back behind the line, so they can see the intersection. They can then make their turn and you both avoid creeping forward to get a clear view.

This situation can lead to a “T-bone” accident, which is not just one of the worst for your car, but it is the type of accident that can lead to the worst injuries. So be courteous… you’ll get to make that turn safely, if you’re patient.