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How to Check Your Tire Tread

How to Check Your Tire Tread

Worn tires cause thousands of auto accidents every year, especially when it’s wet or snow and ice conditions apply. Making sure your tire tread is adequate only takes a few seconds and can save you thousands in auto repairs, or worse.

Here’s the good news… checking your tire tread is super easy!

  • Grab a penny.
  • Rotate the penny so Lincoln is upside down.
  • Insert the penny into the tread. If the tread comes up to Lincoln’s head, your tread is good to go.

Of course, if your tread is worn down to a point where the tire is virtually smooth, it’s definitely time to get some new tires. Don’t wait on it if you’ve reached this point. Also, when you get your tire(s) replaced, be sure to ask the tech to rotate the tires as well.