Hyundai Recognized Repair Facility Program

The technicians at Beaverton Auto Body are specifically trained to care for your Hyundai. We want to maintain your warranty, your vehicle’s appearance, performance, and your safety.

Vehicle Appearance

 we are trained to perform repairs following the manufacturer’s specifications for finish, fit, function and durability.

Vehicle Warranty

by using a Hyundai Recognized Repair Facility, your warranty is backed by Hyundai

Genuine Hyundai Parts

we encourage the use of genuine Hyundai parts*

* Hyundai USA states that “while the use of Hyundai genuine parts is not required to keep your Hyundai manufacturer warranties, should damage result from the use or installation of non-Hyundai genuine parts, Hyundai or its authorized dealers would have the right to deny warranty coverage for that part and charge you for any repairs”.